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Living Easy with Lindsey

Jan 16, 2024

In today's heartfelt conversation, Lindsey Maestas speaks with Havilah Cunnington about hearing God's voice -- and what that really means. 

She talks about victim mentality, ownership, and partnering with God in our walk as a Christian. She shares about how we try to be so low-maintenance toward God that we then limit our own relationships with Him. 

Lindsey and Havilah discuss the controversy around the words often heard in the church, such as, "God told me" or "God changed his mind" which has created bitterness or indignance toward God speaking to Christians. 

They discuss life experiences, such as their bonded experience of facing postpartum depression as Christians, how Christians experience God, and how to love our friends and family better as we learn more about how they experience God in their faith walk. 

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