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Living Easy with Lindsey

Jun 28, 2021

Dr. Christie Kederian answers questions like, "What makes someone avoidant and the pursuer?" and "What is the damage done by burdening your spouse with all of your needs, desires, goals and emotions?"


Dr. Kederian is a Christian and a nationally-renowned psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family...

Jun 21, 2021

On today's conversation, Lindsey Maestas speaks with Jennifer Maggio about the difficulties of single parenting. Jennifer shares her story of becoming pregnant four times as a young teenager while living on welfare and the struggles, confusion and frustrations that she faced during that time.


Lindsey and Jennifer...

Jun 14, 2021

Today's episode is shared from an Instagram Live video that Jesse and Lindsey did on @livingeasywithlindsey. They answered allll the questions sent in by listeners regarding healthy, biblical marriage, the enneagram, making friends as a married couple, seeking counsel, how to fight fair and so much more! 

Lindsey and...

Jun 11, 2021

Divorce statistics don't lie - broken relationships continue to happen amongst younger generations and within the church.

Here's the thing: Marriage problems typically aren't marriage problems, they are God problems. Are you taking steps to protect yours?

Start The Wife Project: From Roommates to Soulmates

Jun 7, 2021

Today’s episode of the Real Conversations with Real Friends is with my sweet, joyful friend Emily. Emily is my fun friend! She is someone I call any time I need help lightening up or when I just want to laugh! But she is also one who isn’t afraid to share very honest Truth with me in love and call things as she sees...