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Living Easy with Lindsey

Jun 27, 2022

Christine Miles is a former therapist and 'professional listener'. In this conversation, Lindsey and Christine discuss how common it is to learn how to speak as a child, but not how to listen. We are not wired to be good listeners, so we must actively practice listening well because the art of listening can deeply and...

Jun 20, 2022

This conversation felt like a chat between close friends over a cup of coffee and was like therapy for my soul. Mary Marantz has a beautiful, poetic way of speaking and is the author of Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots:Finding Grace, Freedom, and Purpose in an Overachieving World
Mary shares her story of growing up...

Jun 13, 2022

David Erdman is the author of The Ten Commandments of Marriage: Secrets of A Divorce Lawyer and you guys, I really loved this conversation. As most of you know, I spend A LOT of my time asking questions and MOST of my favorite responses come from couples who have been married 20 years longer than me. They always have...

Jun 6, 2022

In Episode 95, Lindsey Maestas has a deeply intimate conversation with Natasha Smith about the sensitive topic of abortion and the importance of depoliticizing the issue, and instead elevating the lives of the women and men that it affects.


Natasha and Brittany Smith have recently launched a book, Unplanned Grace,...