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Living Easy with Lindsey

Dec 12, 2022

In today’s episode, Author Brooke Hazen discusses the power that addiction can have over the mind, and how the deep, widespread addiction that is pornography is damaging relationships and physical bodies. But there is always hope. He discusses his experience in overcoming porn addiction through God’s grace and restoration.

He talks about the concept of re-framing our minds from attraction —> sex —> orgasm’. He challenges couples to spend energy on other soul-bonding and connecting physical activities aside from sex to break the addiction to sexual release.

Brooke shares his own story of discovering that he had porn-induced erectile dysfunction (P.I.E.D), but not until after he had already recede multiple prescriptions that weren’t helping him in any capacity.

This is a unique perspective and conversation and one that would be great for you to listen to with your spouse and discuss in detail! 

For a full discussion on Sex and emotional, physical and spiritual intimacy, make sure to check out our Sex And Intimacy project for couples. This is an intentional, in-depth video course created by Jesse and me to help you strengthen your relationship and continue creating a foundation upon Jesus.

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Purchase "You are Not Broken" by Brooke Hazen and visit his website here