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Living Easy with Lindsey

Mar 14, 2022

I'm BACK! Thank you all so much for your grace during my sabbath rest. It was SO needed. 

On today's scripture-packed episode, Lindsey Maestas discusses the importance of stewarding your money wisely and having a solid money mindset as a Christian. She shares her own struggles with finances and the ways that she and her husband have grown together in their knowledge of making wise decisions early on and what they have learned along the way.

We are (thankfully) moving away from a time in our world when pay transparency, pay equality and debt were just not discussed and we are moving INTO a generation where we have an openness about money.

I  believe that this is leading us toward further success and wisdom in regards to our salaries, our savings and our investments.

Jesus Himself emphasized the importance of being faithful with what you have throughout scripture. He promises to provide. Are you trusting Him? Do you truly believe that God will provide for your needs?

Let's talk about it!

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