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Living Easy with Lindsey

Mar 28, 2022

In Episode 3 of the Money and Christianity Series, Lindsey and Jesse Maestas have an honest conversation about tithing, investments, saving, and the prosperity gospel with Lindsey's in-laws, Catherine and David Maestas. So much of the knowledge that Lindsey and Jesse received and implemented about stewarding money as a Christian came from what they saw Catherine and David doing. 
The Maestas' talk about their choice to live small then so that they can live well now and how investing in real estate early on in their marriage set the path for their successful financial future. 

They discuss how to be a good steward with a compassionate heart while also discerning how, when, and whom to give to. David and Lindsey hone in on how the prosperity gospel diminishes the weight of Christ's life and Jesse shares why and how our perspective of heavenly treasures should vastly outweigh the blessings and rewards we pursue on earth. 

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