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Living Easy with Lindsey

Nov 1, 2021

Faith and leadership aren't always linear. My husband, Jesse, has struggled for years with his faith, his understanding of God's role in his life and also with his role as the leader of our family. There were many days in which I struggled with feeling deceived by him, because the faithful man that I dated was not the struggling man that I was married to.
<p> As a wife and mom, I have personally taken over the leadership role for many years in taking my boys to church, reading the Bible, praying over them and more. God has been drawing Jesse in recently in a way that I have never seen and we are both realizing how much Jesus has taught us along the way.
In this honest conversation, Jesse and I discuss how to navigate a spiritually dry or unbelieving spouse, the list of unhealthy expectations that I had coming into marriage, the ways I hurt Jesse and helped Jesse when he was doubting God and more.  
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