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Living Easy with Lindsey

Sep 6, 2021

On today’s conversation, I am talking all things friendship with Stephanie, Jenna and Jessica from Pastors' Wives Tell All podcast. I love this conversation because you are getting THREE different perspectives on finding friends as an adult.
These three women are pastor’s wives from three separate churches who love the Lord and love relationship but, just as any human being does, they have faced their own share of challenging friendships. They talk about the loneliness that can come with being in ministry, how to find couple friends and why it’s okay if your husband doesn’t love hanging out with that one person, and most importantly, we discuss how expectations, different life stages (such as having babies or getting married) AND boundaries can all affect a friendship, and how to navigate through that.
I loved this conversation and it’s one ya’ll have been asking for for quite a long time, so I’m happy to share it with you! You can also listen to my Q&A Live on instagram @livingeasywithlindsey to hear my husband Jesse and me talk about this same topic and what it looks like practically in our lives.

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