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Living Easy with Lindsey

Sep 19, 2022

The Sex and Intimacy Project is HERE!!! Jesse and I couldn't be more thrilled for this study that we've created specifically for couples who are hoping to strengthen their sexual, emotional AND spiritual intimacy! 

On today's 5-minute chat, I am sharing about the 3 things to be aware of when struggling with a low sex drive within your marriage. There are many other aspects to this discussed within the course (like attraction, exhaustion, etc.), but this is a great starting point for all couples!

Our sex, intimacy and marriage study includes videos from both Jesse and me, a workbook with action-taking tips to reallyyyy spice things up and emotional connecting pages like our 'How Well Do You Know Me?' questionnaire!  

Don't miss our LAUNCH PRICE of $97 - lasting for two weeks only! The price will increase to $197 on October 3rd! Be one of the first people to get it TODAY!

If you need a payment plan, you can get it for 4 payments of $37! Just click here.

Grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine, if you're bashful!) and Jesse and I will see you in there. ;-)