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Living Easy with Lindsey

Jul 6, 2020

Jesse and I had the goal of owning rentals and flipping homes before we were married at the age of 21. We started by purchasing a very inexpensive home in a not-so-safe neighborhood (and getting broken into) - but the rest is history. 


On today's episode, I am sharing our story of how we got started with fixer uppers and purchasing rentals, where we invest our money and why we have so many savings accounts. 


I discuss our children's education fund, Dave Ramsey's motto of 'live like nobody else now so that you can live like nobody else' and how you can start super small. 

We use YouTube to figure a lot of things out and still have so much to learn, but by being faithful with our money, tithing and giving generously, we know that God will provide and guide us - and He will do the same for you! 


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