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Living Easy with Lindsey

Apr 6, 2020

Being a momma can be a rollercoaster of emotions and parenting alongside our spouses can sometimes feel the same.

On today’s episode, Jennie Lusko and I discuss overcoming mom guilt, instilling kindness and godliness in our children and what to do when our children grow up and actively choose sin. 

Jennie shares about the parenting tensions and disagreements that she and her husband, Pastor Levi Lusko, have had and how they have learn to come together as ‘one’ in those situations. She shares about her own sensitivities as a mom and how she has learned to find balance with those convictions. 
She discusses her new book, Fight to Flourish, and why she believes it is so important to not bloom where you’re planted, but to water, weed and grow. She encourages women to 'be' right where God has them and to allow Him to do the work that only He can do.
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