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Living Easy with Lindsey

Nov 14, 2022

Mila Grigg is a powerhouse of a woman who has walked through deep difficulty with resilience, faith and intention. Mila’s husband was sentenced to 10 years in prison in the midst of her pregnancy; yet, she built a wildly successful company with a newborn as she visited her husband in federal prison.
In this conversation, she shares how to build a life when everything feels stripped from you, how she re-focuses and finds heart rest through God’s word and a park bench and her most effective tips for living with resilience and building a business in the thick of discouragement or lack of passion.  
This is a conversation not only for my dreamers, creators and business-minded friends but for those of you who feel stuck or can’t figure out what God has in store for you because the present looks bleak. I pray that this conversation brings you hope and encouragement for the future!
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