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Living Easy with Lindsey

Aug 29, 2022

Secrecy is a breeding ground for shame. In today’s episode, Manda Carpenter discusses her new book, ‘Soul Care to Save Your Life’ and how self-awareness led to deep and committed healing in her friendships and romantic relationships. 

Manda shares her vulnerable story about committing adultery and answers questions about how her husband responded to her confession of committing adultery as a Christian, how they have worked through the healing process together and the action steps she has taken toward growth.

She discusses openly about the ways in which she navigated the deep shame and guilt that came with the past mistakes that were made and encourages others to live freely in God's glory and redemption.

Manda also talks about the practical ways that she and her husband have chosen to prevent present temptation from becoming future sin. 

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Get Manda Carpenter's Book: "Soul Care to Save Your Life" here!

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