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Living Easy with Lindsey

Apr 16, 2024

The difficulties of life are easy to see when they're right in front of us. They're even easier to see when it's all that we're looking for.

I recently heard a podcast episode that shifted my entire perspective on how I view the difficult moments of life. After a season of much difficulty, a lot of complaining, and a lot of stress, I realized that I needed a perspective shift and a heart change. Life is really tough. It's such an interesting experience to walk through life; it's deeply sweet and beautiful but equally confusing and painful. 

I believe that our faith and our minds shape the way that we live. I pray that this brief episode helps you to navigate the hard moments of life and want to leave you with the question, "Would you take away all of the hard if it meant that you also had to take away the good?" 

The Living Easy Podcast will be taking a break after this episode so that I can focus on some family time and will be back in mid-June. We are, as always, praying that you will still be here when we get back!