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Living Easy with Lindsey

Mar 23, 2020

Do you feel like you need a pretty coffee mug and picture-perfect setup before you can open your Bible? Do you rely on pretty Pinterest verses or Christian Instagram captions as the basis of your faith and knowledge of God? If so, you will quickly find that that won't outlast life's storms - and it surely won't offer you salvation or an assurance of your faith.

On today's episode, Phylicia Masonheimer and Lindsey Maestas are discussing the importance of knowing God's word for yourself. She shares practical steps and tips regarding how to study the Bible and truly understand it on your own. 

Phylicia also discusses her new book, Stop Calling Me Beautiful, about finding soul-deep strength in a skin deep world. This book is full of SO much wisdom and challenging encouragement. It will leave you longing for more of Jesus - and nothing less. 

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