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Living Easy with Lindsey

May 23, 2023

PSA: I am taking a summer break from the podcast to spend intentional and purposeful time with my family. I will be back with a new series at the end of August!
Today I am sharing 5 specific things that I am doing this summer with the goal of being a more mindful mom, wife, friend and godly woman.
I'm also sharing some personal health issues that I've been struggling with, which is one of the reasons that I will be taking this little hiatus from Living Easy. I am going to be seeking more medical intervention and doing more tests to determine what exactly is going on. 
On this episode, I'm sharing my summer commitments that include:

1. Getting outdoors, messy, and hands-on with my boys
2. Focusing on my relationship with Jesus
3. Choosing presence over distraction
4. Focus on our health as a family
5. Leaning harder into my relationships and community 
Follow along with me during the summer on IG @livingeasywithlindsey!
Don't forget to read more about Permanently Profitable at 50% OFF for the summer (which will include my new segment on traveling for free as a content creator!) as well as The Wife Project: From Roommates to Soulmates AND The Intimacy Project for Couples.