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Living Easy with Lindsey

May 2, 2023

When hustle turns to humility, we see God more clearly. Did you know that sleep is a form of worship? In today's episode, I talk about how my desire to live as a "night owl" greatly affected my mood and my motherhood and why you should prioritize sleep for your mental health. 
In this convo, I discuss how sleep displays our dependence on God and His provision for us. I share 8 simple strategies to help get a better night's sleep, including establishing a consistent sleep routine and avoiding caffeine and alcohol after 3pm. As Christians, embracing sleep as an act of worship can deepen our faith and draw us closer to God.
When we prioritize sleep, we are taking care of the body that God has given us - while also restoring and recharging our hearts and souls to love our neighbors, make disciples and to be sharers of His truth.
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