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Living Easy with Lindsey

Apr 25, 2023

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In today's episode, I am talking to the wives who desire sex and intimacy more often than their husband does. Do you feel like something is 'wrong' with him or 'wrong' with you? Let's talk about it! 

I constantly receive DM's about this, and it warranted an episode of its own. Because of society's unhealthy standards (and the teachings of the church), women feel ashamed, devalued, unloved, and dirty when they desire sex, but even more so when they don't feel that their husband wants to have sex as often as they do.

In this quick chat, I discuss how to navigate having a stronger sexual drive than your husband within a Christian marriage. We'll cover topics like finding times for intimacy that work for both spouses, having conversations with humility, honesty, and hard truths, feeling ashamed and embarrassed about your desire for sex and intimacy as a Christian woman, and the experiential and biological differences that may be occurring between you and your husband. 

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